How you attract and touch customers, how you partner with suppliers, how your employees interact both internally and externally—everything else is software.

General Details

Why need to develop a software.

Software Development is a complex and often difficult process requiring the synthesis of many disciplines. From modeling and design to code generation, project management, testing, deployment, change management and beyond, a UML based modeling tool like Enterprise Architect has become an essential part of managing that complexity..

Software Development Process Activities/Steps

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Specification
  • Software architecture
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Training and Support
  • Maintenance

NSW software Family. We have variety of customize software for  different organization.

  1. NEO POS Software

    NEO POS Software is a point of sale and inventory control system. It keeps track of all your sales, customers, inventory, purchase and more. It’s got all the features you’ll need to manage your retail business packaged in an easy to use and intuitive design.

    Pos software designed with easy to use in mind, Our full-featured Point of Sale systems for retailers makes it easier in controlling inventory and managing customers. We provide Point of Sale solution, including Positive Software for general retail, Restaurants, Super shop, Shopping Mall etc.

    Transaction Entry: Item & Sub Item Registration, Brand & Non Brand wise grouping, Sale / Return Invoice, Discount Facilities, Sales Price Registration, Purchase Invoice, Barcode Label Print, Branch to Branch Transfer.

  2. NEO Real Estate Management System

    Construction projects can quickly become very complex. There are many details such as project wise labor, supplier bill, consultancy charges and other expenditures. The Software allows you to quickly view the status of your projects cost and the ability to answer questions quickly with all the information just a few clicks away. GPAC ERP Software that includes Project wise accounts, inventory & Project Analysis in one modular package.

  3. NEO Accounting & Inventory Management System

    NEO Accounting & Inventory Management Software that includes Advanced Inventory, Sales, and Purchasing Management in one modular package. Whether you are a product based business that sells, warehouses or distributes goods, or a service based business that has inventory. Along with powerful inventory control features can be custom integrated accounting system that can save time and money for an expanding company.

  4. NEO Store Management System

    Transaction Entry, Supplier/ contractor Information, Material Purchase, Material purchase/Issue Project wise, Material Stock statement, Suppliers/ Contractors wise Material Information, Payment requisitions to contractors, consultants, suppliers, miscellaneous expenses, and transporters Reports on Project Summary, Advance Statement, Contractor payments, Project Expenditure can be created; User can view the details by Purchase Department.

  5. NEO School Management System

    NEO School Management System is a school management system which is an essential support to educational institutions, encouraging student and school interaction. It improves the accessibility of information, as well as significantly increases space for communication between students, parents and teachers. The aim of NEO School Management System is to increase parental awareness of school on-going processes and to facilitate the preparation of reports for teachers. It structures the schooling of children and automates daily school work.

    By introduction of NEO School Management System, it is possible to completely replace traditional paper-based grade book to an electronic based grade and attendance record book. Also, school administration becomes much easier and less time consuming.

  6. NEO C&F Management System

    Clearing and Forwarding Management System (C&F Management System) is designed to simplify the paper processing that the Clearing and Forwarding agents undergo to get their consignments released from the airports, or railways or at sea ports.

    Because the delay in consignment clearance attracts severe penalties, the Clearing and Forwarding agents have hardly any time left for the paper processing, thus increasing the possibility of human error which unfortunately is the main reason behind the late consignment clearance.

    C&F Management System completely automates the paper processing thus reducing the time period required for the consignment release. C&F Management System provides agents with ample time to plan their resources when their consignment arrives. All the documents that Clearing and Forwarding Management System generates are in compliance with the Customs and Govt of India rules and regulations.


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